For Home

Computer troubles for home users can be a challenging issue.

Whether your computer

  • is running too slow
  • can’t get on the Internet
  • is freezing up
  • has a blue screen of death
  • is having home networking problems
  • needs wireless setup and/or configuration
  • is infected with a malicious computer virus or spyware
  • won’t boot or turn on
  • has lost its files and data
  • needs any sort of repair or upgrade
Bunbury Computer Services has the right computer repair solution for you.

We understand that the world of rapidly changing computers and technology can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming. We turn complex computer jargon into easy to understand terms, and arm you with the knowledge you need to know so you can feel confident when making any IT decisions.

If you need help to learn how to use your computer system or its software, Russell is more than capable of providing any training and support that you need.